What is a “Break”?

Group Break AKA Break: Multiple people purchase a spot, also referred to as a slot, to help split the cost of the case(s) purchased by the host.

Types of Group Breaks:

Team Break

This is also referred to as "Pick Your Team" or “PYT”. You choose a spot/team and receive only the cards for that team. PYT is preferred by the collectors that target certain teams, as to avoid unwanted cards from rival teams. Being able to choose your team allows you to pay a fraction of the price of a hobby box for the cards you would have been hunting in a personal box anyway. Since there is a different checklist for each team in each card product, individual team prices will vary a decent amount. This is the most common break format, currently.

Random Team Break

For those who like surprises, Random Team is the break for you! Collectors purchase a spot, however, the assigned teams are not revealed until just before the break begins. For example, in the NFL there are 32 teams, therefore there would be 32 spots in the break and the breaker would use Random.org to randomize the list of teams. If you are in spot 3 and the #3 team on the list after the randomizer is the Chiefs, you would receive any Chiefs cards from that break. In this break, all spots are the same price, spreading the cost out evenly. However, in this format, it’s about the luck of the draw as whether or not you get a desirable team.

Team Draft Break

Think of this format as being similar to a standard Fantasy snake draft. Collectors purchase a spot, and then the spots would be randomized to determine the draft order. Participants would then gather in a setting where they can all communicate their picks(chat room, Facebook live, etc.). Once the cards are pulled, collectors then begin drafting their cards. Price per spot would be the same across the board in this format.

Divisional Break

This can be presented as a PYT or Random Divisional break. In this format, collectors choose a spot or choose a division of teams such as the NFC East. This collector would receive any cards for the Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, and Washington FT. If done as random, there would be 8 spots available, as there are 8 division in the NFL.

“Case Break”:

This refers to a group break in which an entire case of a product is opened. Cases typically range from 6-14 boxes.