Break Rules and Important Information

  • In making a purchase, you will receive an invitation, via Facebook tag, to a live video by Aaron, Patrick , or Dustin as they break the product in the description.

  • This is NOT a chance listing and you are not purchasing any goods.  You are purchasing an invitation to watch our live video.

  • As a free bonus for your purchase, we will also send you any cards that are pulled from the team you chose.

  • B2 ships base cards upon request only.


Other Valuable Information:

  • Card with multiple teams or players: Is this instance, there would be a randomizer run between the teams that are represented on the card and the winner of the randomizer would receive that card.

  • Points – Some breaks will have a designated spot for points, but in the case it does not, points will be run using the randomizer to determine which team they go to.