Who is B2?


Patrick Baum


Patrick Baum here, thanks for reading my bio! 


I am a longtime Michigan State fan, went to college during the John L. days, the kids these days don't know how good they have it.  I loved collecting sports cards as a kid and happily surprised the way that the hobby has come roaring back. 


At B2 we want to share our passion for sports, sports cards and memorabilia to help create a collection you can be proud of.  With a career in hospitality service I am looking to bring a level of attention that is missing. 


I hope that you will reach out if you have any questions and one day I hope to meet you, whether online or at the shop face to face.  

(Left some room for Dustin)


Aaron Barton


Hi, I am Aaron Barton and I am Co-Founder and current Partner of B2 Sports Hub LLC. I am a proud alumnus of Grand Valley State University and born and raised in Michigan.


My card collecting all began with Michael Jordan and Steve Yzerman when I was about 5 years old.


At B2, I am best known as the man behind the hot hands, as I perform most of the card breaks. My ultimate goal with B2 Sports Hub is to help provide access to premium cards at fair and realistic prices, while building a community around the hobby we love.

-------------> He is the talker


Dustin Montgomery


Hello, I am Dustin Montgomery a proud Father of 3 Daughters, Husband, Entrepreneur, and business owner. I graduated from Charlotte High School and Western Michigan University.


As a kid I grew up playing football, basketball, and baseball, which lead to my interest in the card and sports memorabilia world. I can remember my younger self riding my bike 2 or 3 miles to town just to see or get a chance at a Jordan, Shaq, Hardaway, Fab Five,Tigers, Lions, and Redwings card or item. It was a thrill and still is to this day for me.


My love of the hobby has been passed down to my middle daughter Milaya who begs me daily to rip some packs with her.


At B2 Sports Hub I am best known for being the man on cam for our memorabilia breaks. I look and strive to keep the excitement and passion alive for all. I love building relationships and can't wait to continue in this great community and group.


Choo-Choo B2 Sports Hub Choo-Choo